Mixed Use and Residential Precincts

Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) is the Queensland Government’s land use planning and property development agency. EDQ has unique planning and approval powers and a mandate to create private sector investment opportunities by de-risking and unlocking land for redevelopment. EDQ has planned and facilitated the delivery of some of the largest residential developments in Queensland, as well as some of the state’s most iconic urban renewal projects.

EDQ plays a pivotal role in the delivery of a diversity of housing as a core component of its mixed use and residential precinct urban renewal.  EDQ is committed to ensuring that Queensland's housing landscape offers a range of housing typologies including social and affordable options, nurturing inclusive and sustainable communities. To achieve this, we work closely with our development and community housing provider partners including coordinating support through diverse funding schemes across all levels of government. These targets are integrated into many of our development schemes, aiming to significantly increase social and affordable housing options for Queenslanders.

EDQ prioritises industry-leading community outcomes by demonstrating and advancing new typologies to address evolving needs and ensuring project success in relation to product type, commercial structures, and delivery models.

We set benchmarks for the property industry by demonstrating innovative and sustainable outcomes  like net zero energy emission terrace home communities.  Explore EDQ's mixed use and residential developments across diverse locations in QLD check our current  mixed use and residential projects or view our past residential projects.

Last updated: 28 June 2024