Who are we

Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) is the Queensland Government’s land use planning and property development agency. We embrace partnerships across government, industry and the community to deliver new residential communities, urban precincts and industrial ecosystems.

Backed by the Economic Development Act 2012, EDQ has unique planning and approval powers and a mandate to create private sector investment opportunities by de-risking and unlocking land for redevelopment. EDQ has planned and facilitated the delivery of some of the largest residential developments in Queensland, as well as some of the state’s most iconic urban renewal projects. We set benchmarks for the property industry through innovations and we’re creating jobs of the future in regional Queensland by unlocking land to promote priority industries, including clean energy and large-scale manufacturing.

We measure our success by the value we create in economic, social and environmental impacts. Over the last decade we have generated more than $3.7 billion in private sector investment and facilitated over $1 billion in trunk infrastructure for Queensland. EDQ focuses on achieving commercial outcomes for the state while delivering on government priorities.

Value proposition

EDQ partners with industry, government and the community to unlock development opportunities in strategic locations throughout Queensland across housing, enterprise and place-based outcomes aligning with government priorities.  To do this we:

Vision and Purpose

Economic Development Queensland’s (EDQ) strategic plan sets out our vision for the next five years to deliver liveable and sustainable communities.  EDQ is committed to creating and investing in sustainable places for Queensland to prosper. This vision encapsulates the drive to foster economic growth, social inclusivity, and environmental stewardship across the state.

EDQ partners with industry, government, and communities to achieve thriving and liveable communities through comprehensive planning and delivery solutions. By focusing on residential, commercial, industrial, and renewable projects, EDQ leverages its development, planning, and infrastructure capabilities to meet the long-term needs of our Queensland communities.

EDQ achieves this by initiating, designing, planning, innovating, developing, partnering, and delivering opportunities to stimulate growth and development. We ensure that economic, social, and environmental needs are met now without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Fostering inclusivity for individuals and organisations living and working across the state, EDQ promotes an unified approach to development, enabling communities to flourish, thrive, and succeed through future-focused outcomes. By attracting, resourcing, funding, financing, structuring, and transacting opportunities, EDQ stimulates economic growth and development.

Building strong communities and creating safe, inclusive environments for people to live, learn, work, and play form the cornerstone of our mission. EDQ is dedicated to creating a future-focused, innovative, well-planned, and diverse economy. This involves driving growth in investment, infrastructure, and priority industry sectors, as well as coordinating and integrating opportunities for regions, industry sectors, and private sector proponents.

By creating jobs for Queensland through leveraged opportunities in development, priority industries, highly skilled sectors, and associated supply chains, EDQ significantly contributes to develop vibrant, resilient, and inclusive communities across the state.

Last updated: 10 July 2024