Infrastructure planning and funding

Economic Development Queensland (EDQ) engages industry, state government agencies and local governments to plan and facilitate infrastructure for vibrant and connected communities.

EDQ plans and funds trunk infrastructure, implementation programs and early public transport services for Priority Development Areas (PDAs) such as new and upgraded transport, park, community facility land, water supply, sewer and stormwater infrastructure. Over $1 billion of trunk infrastructure has been delivered within EDQ’s PDAs, attracting $3.7 billion in private sector investment.

EDQ’s infrastructure charges policies set development charges for identified PDA infrastructure to ensure that new development fairly contributes towards the shared costs.

Currently EDQ manages the Queensland Government’s Building Acceleration Fund (previously Catalyst Infrastructure Program), a co-investment program which was available to local governments, developers and utility providers to invest in infrastructure projects, initiated in 2020.

EDQ also administers the $150 million Catalyst Infrastructure Fund (CIF) which provides low interest loans for accelerating the delivery of essential infrastructure within key greenfield Priority Development Areas (PDAs ), focussing on the major new communities of Ripley Valley and Greater Flagstone. The fund was announced in 2022 and is currently in the final stages of fund allocation across multiple projects.

The CIF is separate from the $50 million Growth Acceleration Fund (GAF) which is being administered by the Growth Areas Team.

For more information about infrastructure planning and funding contact Economic Development Queensland on 07 3452 7880 (business hours 8.30 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday).

Last updated: 29 June 2024