Sustainable Places and Futures

Our commitment to innovation and sustainability is built on three key pillars:

  • Liveable and Resilient Places: We aim to create environments that are resilient, accessible, and enjoyable for everyone, adapting and thriving amidst changing climates.
  • Sustainable Growth: Our growth strategy is circular, not linear. We support renewable energy, smart technologies, and priority industries to build a sustainable and dynamic economy.
  • Inclusive Communities: We believe that true sustainability is inclusive. Our goal is to curate welcoming communities that promote health, affordability, and universal access.

By leveraging strategic opportunities such as decarbonising the economy, demonstrating innovation, committing to Reconciliation, and taking a longer-term horizon, we remain dedicated to driving sustainable development and innovation. Our market leadership in sustainable development has gained increasing local, national, and global visibility, particularly with Brisbane 2032 committed to delivering a climate-positive Olympic and Paralympic Games, and projects such as Carseldine Village – the first Net-Zero Energy Emission homes to be delivered at scale in Queensland.

Read more about our Innovation and Sustainability Framework.

Last updated: 29 June 2024