First Nations

Inclusion Matters

At EDQ, we value inclusion and honour First Nations cultures and values, which shape Queensland's history and identity. By incorporating this knowledge into our projects, we create a shared future that inspires and connects people to the places we live. Our First Nations Framework is a critical step in our Reconciliation journey, embedding First Nations best practices into our business DNA. This approach builds strong relationships with First Nations peoples, businesses, and communities, creating vibrant and inclusive places for all.

Statement of Commitment - The Anchor of Our Framework

Our Statement of Commitment reflects EDQ's dedication to partnering with First Nations peoples, businesses, and communities. It outlines our vision for sustainable places that respect and celebrate First Nations cultures and values, while offering economic opportunities for First Nations peoples. This is a call to action for collaboration to create a better future for all Queenslanders. We honour and value the cultural heritage of First Nations peoples, aiming to create places that uplift and empower our communities

Acknowledging the Country of Our Places

At EDQ, we respect and acknowledge the Traditional Custodians and Elders of the lands on which we work. We support First Nations peoples in protecting their culture and Country for future generations, learning from their wisdom to create sustainable places for Queensland to prosper. Our Acknowledgement of Country reflects our values and vision as a land-based organisation.

The First Nations Framework – Our Blueprint

The First Nations Framework is our strategy for collaborating with First Nations to create sustainable places that respect and celebrate their cultures and values. It aligns with EDQ's Statement of Commitment, Strategic Plan, Queensland Government laws and policies, and United Nations Conventions. The Framework is structured around three themes: Priorities, Investment, and Working on Country. Key elements include engaging with Traditional Owners, building cultural capability of our staff, using appropriate protocols, supporting First Nations businesses, and creating opportunities for involvement and benefit. This Framework is our blueprint and guide for working with First Nations and achieving positive outcomes, evolving as our business grows and adapts to future work.

Last updated: 28 June 2024