Community Engagement

EDQ is firmly committed to fostering meaningful, inclusive, and transparent community and stakeholder engagement practices. We recognise the vital role that effective engagement plays in the success and sustainability of our projects.

EDQ utilises different platforms to engage and collaborate with stakeholders. These platforms, empower us to connect with the broader public in a meaningful and interactive manner.

Our strategies are meticulously designed to reflect best practices in stakeholder engagement. They provide a user-friendly interface that facilitates seamless interaction and feedback from the community and stakeholders throughout the lifecycle of our projects. By fostering a two-way open channel of communication, we ensure that voices are heard, valued, and considered in the decision-making process.

At EDQ, we are dedicated to cultivating strong relationships with our community and stakeholders. Through our strategic stakeholder engagement efforts, we aim to foster trust, collaboration, and ultimately, the successful delivery of projects that positively impact Queensland's economic development and societal well-being.

Stakeholder Engagement
Northshore Brisbane onsite stakeholder engagement workshop
group of people reviewing information boards in a park
Songbird Oxley onsite community engagement event

There are many ways the community can get involved in planning. Getting involved at the plan-making stage – when a local planning scheme is being prepared or amended – is the best way to influence future development in your area. Shape the places and spaces where you live, work and play.  View our current consultation projects below:

  1. Woolloongabba PDA
  2. Sunshine Coast Airport PDA
  3. Currumbin Eco Parkland
  4. Oxley PDA
  5. Northshore Brisbane
  6. Yeronga PDA
  7. Carseldine Village

Last updated: 29 June 2024