Sustainability and Innovation

Our Innovation and Sustainability Framework serves as a comprehensive roadmap for delivering sustainable outcomes and driving innovation across all of our business.

By leveraging its three principal themes, or Pillars, and strategic areas of focus, we can deliver sustainable and innovative solutions that address strategic risks, opportunities, and material sustainability issues.

Our Three Key Pillars

1. Liveable and Resilient Places

Beyond green design, we're committed to creating environments that adapt and thrive amidst changing climates. Our aim is to ensure our spaces are resilient, accessible, and enjoyable for everyone.

2. Sustainable Growth

Our growth strategy is circular, not linear. Through supporting renewable energy, smart technologies, and priority industries, we're building an economy that's as sustainable as it is dynamic.

3. Inclusive Communities

True sustainability is inclusive. We're dedicated to curating welcoming communities that promote health, affordability, and universal access.


At Economic Development Queensland, we believe that sustainability and innovation must be integral to our day-to-day practices to achieve the best outcomes for people, the environment, and the economy, both now and in the future. Our market leadership in the delivery of sustainable development has gained increasing local, national, and global visibility, particularly with Brisbane 2032 committed to delivering a climate-positive Olympic and Paralympic Games.

EDQ has a critical role to play in creating lasting benefits for the environment and community and accelerating the transition to net zero emissions. Our Strategic Plan identifies the following strategic opportunities:

  • Decarbonising the Economy: Driving a meaningful response to climate change by collaborating with stakeholders to transition our communities and economy to net zero emissions.
  • Innovation: Demonstrating innovative solutions to place-based challenges through partnerships, contributing positively to the development of sustainable communities and high-growth industries.
  • Reconciliation: Committing to Reconciliation and reframing relationships with First Nations peoples and embedding this commitment across all aspects of EDQ as an agency who works on land and Country.
  • Longer-Term Horizon: By focusing on a long-term economic development horizon, we can leverage a strategic approach to decision-making. This ensures alignment with government priorities and investment certainty, enabling the development of sustainable and resilient communities alongside high-growth industries.
  • Queensland-Wide: Recognising the diversity, strengths, and unique characteristics of locations across Queensland and working with partners to capitalise on delivering opportunities that align with community needs and priorities.
  • Whole of Government: Maximising synergies across government by providing a coordinated pathway to unlock strategic place-based and precinct opportunities. This collaborative approach allows us to effectively deliver and demonstrate the impact of government policy.

By leveraging these opportunities, we remain committed to driving sustainable development and innovation, delivering long-term benefits for the environment and community, and accelerating the transition to a zero-carbon future.

Last updated: 28 June 2024