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Value Uplift Calculator

The Value Uplift Calculator is designed to calculate the Value Uplift charge applicable to approved development within the Bowen Hills Priority Development Area (PDA) and Northshore Hamilton PDA that exceeds the permissible Brisbane City Plan 2000 plot ratio for the relevant development area. To work out the Value Uplift charge for a particular development, enter the details required below.

Application details


(decimal format)




Number of units applicable to the development

(0-60 m2)

(60-100 m2)

(100+ m2)

*Refer to the following development scheme maps:

**Transitional provisions must be approved by EDQ in the first instance. Please refer to the relevant development scheme for more information.

General Infrastructure Charge1

Use Retail/Commercial
Number of units 0
Charge per 100m2 of GFA $15,753
Total $0


  Number of units Charge per unit Total
Small 0 $13,151 $0
Medium 0 $18,358 $0
Large 0 $30,389 $0

Total general infrastructure charge: $0

Value Uplift Calculator1

Non-residential value uplift calculation
City Plan Allowable GFA 0 m2
Proposed Non Residential GFA 0 m2
Net increase/Decrease in GFA 0 m2
Applicable Charge (per 100m2 of GFA) $23,810
Value Uplift for non residential charges $0


Residential value uplift calculation
Balance of City Plan Allowable GFA
not used for non residential
Units 0 small 0-60 m2
  0 medium 60-100 m2
  0 large 100+ m2
  0 Total  
Proposed Residential GFA 0    
Additional GFA 0 m2    
      VU Charge
Additional Units that pay the charge Number of units Charge per unit Total
Small 0 $12,650
Medium 0 $18,977
Large 0 $33,736
0 0  

Total value uplift charges: $0

1The infrastructure charges are indexed annually on 1 July using the annual rate of the 3 year rolling average of the Queensland Roads and Bridges Construction Index (Index No. 3101 as published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics).

The infrastructure charges calculated using this calculator are indicative only. EDQ will levy infrastructure charges through a PDA Development Approval which will represent the actual charges payable.