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The department's Strategic Plan 2016-20 (PDF icon 4.7 MB) sets out the department's vision and priorities over the next four years with a focus on liveability, sustainability and prosperity across Queensland.

The plan highlights our vision for cities, towns and communities across the state that are great places to live, work and play, and outlines the strategies though which the department will drive and promote:

  • economic and social benefits for Queenslanders
  • prosperous and vibrant cities and urban places
  • greater liveability and connectedness in coastal and hinterland communities
  • resilient, strong and sustainable rural and remote communities
  • a high performing, innovative and diverse workforce delivering value for money service and outcomes.


Drive the creation of great places to live, work and play for current and future Queenslanders.


Deliver integrated and future-shaping advice and solutions for Queensland communities through our leading expertise and quality partnerships.

Economic, social and environmental benefits for Queenslanders


  • Establish and maintain a sound legislative and regulatory framework across the portfolio.
  • Work with local governments to help them deliver positive outcomes for their communities.
  • Deliver a streamlined planning framework that supports investment, jobs, community participation and the environment.
  • Drive coordination and integration of infrastructure investments.
  • Attract investment to development projects, and facilitate development of greenfield and industrial sites in growth areas.
  • Identify and respond to opportunities and challenges at a whole of state level.

Prosperous and vibrant cities and urban places


  • Partner with stakeholders to foster and guide balanced growth and long-term planning solutions.
  • Lead development of a cities policy that fosters a best practice and cohesive approach to urban growth and design.
  • Integrate land use, transport and economic plans in cities and urban places.
  • Oversee a program of coordinated infrastructure in SEQ, including infrastructure corridor plans that focus on long-term transport needs.
  • Facilitate development of under-utilised urban sites.

Greater liveability and connectedness in coastal and hinterland communities


  • Connect and partner with local governments in coastal and hinterland regions to support service delivery and strong governance.
  • Lead coastal planning to improve liveability, protect our natural assets and manage the impacts of natural hazards.
  • Coordinate strategic infrastructure corridor plans focused on the long-term transport needs along the Queensland coast.
  • Deliver long-term strategic planning solutions in North Queensland.
  • Improve housing choice and diversity and demonstrate innovation in planning, building and infrastructure projects.

Resilient, strong and sustainable rural and remote communities


  • Build the capacity of rural and remote local governments to shape resilient, strong and sustainable communities.
  • Design and deliver streamlined regulatory solutions and resources for Indigenous local governments.
  • Coordinate strategic infrastructure corridor plans focused on long-term transport needs.
  • Partner with local governments to identify and deliver economic and community infrastructure projects and initiatives.
  • Use the planning framework to facilitate investment in renewable energy.

A high performing, innovative and diverse workforce delivering value for money services and outcomes


  • Work collaboratively with each other and with our stakeholders and partners to build purposeful working relationships.
  • Use resources and systems efficiently and effectively to minimise risk and deliver value for money in procurement and service delivery.
  • Create an inclusive, healthy and safe work environment.
  • Enable staff to meet challenges, to be innovative and to take initiative.

Our strategy is underpinned by a commitment to:

  • leverage public sector investment and to unlock private sector investment to grow jobs, boost economic growth and support environmental sustainability
  • providing a contemporary and effective planning and development assessment system that supports efficient use of land, connects communities and protects natural areas
  • infrastructure policy, planning and prioritisation that sets the strategic direction, supports economic growth and fosters innovation
  • effective and autonomous local governments delivering good governance and providing a responsive range of services to Queensland communities.

Performance indicators

  • Level of customer experience and satisfaction with services and programs.
  • Efficiency of program administration and service delivery.
  • Employee opinion survey results.
  • Workforce statistics.


The department’s strategic risks include stakeholder engagement and organisational capacity and capability. Strategic, business and operational risks are actively managed by the department with treatments and/or mitigations in place to result in a residual risk rating of medium or low. There is a zero tolerance for fraud and corruption.

Our values

Customers first | Ideas into action | Unleash potential | Be courageous | Empower people